Black Helicopter News

A New Jersey podcast that deals with a variety of topics. Most frequently the topics relate to either the paranormal, entertainment news, or current events. Satire / Comedy / Entertainment


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Today we discuss the Stan Romanek story, dead Bigfoot carcass found, how you can stop climate change, the Archons, and 10 secrets about America that will make you wonder where all the freedom went. A...
July 15, 2017
On today's episode we discuss how camera phones killed UFO sightings & alien abductions, plus, a haunted couch in Waco, Texas & we also have a special report on a Poltergeist terrorizing a fa...
July 9, 2017
Today we discuss a 16 mile by 8 mile ice berg about to break off Antartica, a cattle mutilations and much more! Credits: Hosted by President Zen1
July 7, 2017
On today's episode we discuss a patent for an Amazon drone-hive, a superstitious woman who threw pocket change in the engine of a plane to wish it a safe flight, a NASA asteroid defense project, resu...
July 2, 2017
Today we discuss three-fingered mummies coated in a white substance found in Nazca, Peru. Also, we have a special report on NASA denying that they have a child slave labor colony on Mars. All that and...
July 1, 2017

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