Black Helicopter News

A North American podcast that deals with a variety of topics. Most frequently the topics relate to either the paranormal, entertainment news, or current events.


Episodes Date

Andy Malafarina, host of The Dope Show Podcast, Breakfast Beats on YouTube, and stand up comic calls in the show to discuss Libertariansim, podcasting, Project Bluebeam, wrestling, and beer! Hosted ...
April 26, 2017
Today we discuss a Star Wars themed hotel in the works, how being single is a disability, vampire bats in Brazil, and much, much more! We also have a special report on a shapeshifting little black du...
April 25, 2017
Today we discuss the strange case of a young man who disappeared after transforming his room into an occult shrine. Also, we discuss the Alex Jones civil suit. Hosted by President Zen-1.
April 23, 2017
Today we discuss a Mermaid attack in Zimbabwe that claims the lives of two young boys, a UFO sighting in the hood, and we also have a special report on the evolution of policing. Hosted by President Z...
April 15, 2017
Today we discuss quite a bit of news, such as...More Vault 7 Revelations, Lithium being sprayed in the sky, and so much more. Plus I give my take on Marvel's Iron Fist on Netflix and some of the contr...
March 20, 2017

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