#105: Stupefied


On today's jam packed episode we discuss whats making headlines, such as, I saw a UFO, Buzz Aldrin passes lie detector test revealing truth about aliens, Man revived after being dead for 18 hours, Drone survey discovers new Nazca geoglyphs, Military experts warn, the US is not prepared for a space based attack. And later on we have a Special Report: A feature on Jay Hernandez, we've got his entire stand up act from just last Friday at the Anchor's Bend in Asbury Park. Also, in today's Entertainment / Geek News, we check out what some of the actors from the Watchmen movie think about HBO's upcoming television adaption. So all that plus, Local Events ( The Sustainable Asbury Park Green Expo, An Intimate Q & A with Kevin Smith, & The Glen Jones Radio Programme Featuring X-Ray Burns, on WFMU; our Q & A segment, and new Stamp of Approval segment ( n/a ). Hosted by President Zen-1. 

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