#95: Chucky Boi


Recorded Live! In this wacky episode we discuss the story of a police officer in PA who was confronted by a monster with a glowing head and a single mom who drove by a Giant Bat Humaoid that hypnotized her! What?! Credits: Produced and Hosted by President Zen-1. Links: www.ArmageddonRecords.com / @PresidentZen1 on Twitter / Black Helicopter News Podcast Closed Group on FaceBook! Also, help support the operation, check out my music www.ReverbNation.com/PresidentZen1 & For sale on https://www.sellfly.com/presidentzen1 (Pay what you like!) / And...To Make Donations: Go to: https://blackhelicopternews.podomatic.com ! *Subscribe to us on Stitcher, iTunes, and TuneIn Radio. #Comedy #Goofy #FakeNews #Dystopian #NewJersey #Paranormal #Satire #Funny #AsburyPark #ConspiracySatire

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